Veterinary Marketing Webinars

Dr James Ramsden runs free webinars for vet clinics Australia wide and internationally. Being an expert in online marketing and communication James presents current topics of interest affecting vet clinics.

Our webinars are a unique forum reaching clinics all over Australia and overseas whereby vets come together online and share valuable information.

Latest Webinar

As 2017 draws to a close it’s a great time to look back over the year, take stock and plan for the future.

We’re not talking about exercising more, eating better or other such New Years resolutions; rather now is the time to assess your online marketing performance for the year and make adjustments for 2018.

n this month’s webinar we’ll show you how to assess your performance for the year, and provide guidance on the main areas to focus on in 2018.

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November – How to book more appointments from phone calls – watch on Youtube 

October – The Online Customer Journey – watch on Youtube

September – Getting the most out of Google My Business – watch on Youtube

August – How to get the most out of your Pet Pack Email Newsletter, Part 2 – watch on Youtube

July – How to get the most out of your Pet Pack Email Newsletter, Part 1 – watch on Youtube

July – Update on mobile phone advertising – what you need to know – watch on Youtube

June – Content is king – what does it mean for vet business? – watch on Youtube

June – How to handle cold calling web companies – watch on Youtube

May – How successful vets used clever online marketing to grow their business – watch on Youtube

May – Google AdWords for ther veterinary industry – watch on Youtube

May – How to know if you’re missing calls at the front desk – watch on Youtube

May – Google: from humble research project to directory smasher – watch on Youtube

May – Online marketing: it’s complicated and we’re here to help – watch on Youtube

May – Is AdWords worth it? – watch on Youtube

May – Google my what? Google My Business explained – watch on Youtube

May – Measure what your site is doing now, then invest – watch on Youtube

May – Case studies: Pet Pack is good for business – watch on Youtube

April – If you can’t find your vet clinic online, you’re invisible – watch on Youtube

April – An introduction to the new Pet Pack website system – watch on Youtube

March – Missed calls and what to do about them – watch on Youtube


June – How to know if you’re missing calls at the front desk – register for the recording

April – Is your website holding you back? – register for the recording

March – Find out how your website is performing – register for the recording


December – Go mobile and get more new clients – register for the recording

November – How to build your brand through better organised communication – register for the recording

October – How can I get more new clients from online? – register for the recording

September – The future of email – register for the recording

August – Community – your lifeblood – register for the recording

June – How much is a new client worth? – register for the recording


December – What four letter word do you use when you have to train your front desk staff to answer the phone

November – Please sir, I want some more!

October – Get your Facebook page out of the doldrums and working for you

March – Assessing the value of Facebook for your Practice (no recording available)

February – What do you want your website to do?

January – To be the king you need to be found


December – Be the King of your Community

AVBA Breakfast – Click here for James’s notes.

November – How to get the most out of YouTube

October – What is Yellow Pages really costing you? – Click here to view the notes from the session.

Get your Facebook Page workingFor James’s notes from this webinar click here.

Make Money with Facebook, Google AdWords and Email Newsletters

Learn how to measure your website with Google Analytics

June – Make Money with Facebook, Google AdWords and Email Newsletters

May – How AdWords works for your website

April – Warren Buffett says communicate better and you’ll earn 50% more. Learn how an email newsletter is integral to this.

March – Make Money with Facebook