Veterinary Email Newsletters 

that make a difference

Email Newsletters are the back-bone of good client loyalty. The principle is “keep in touch with your clients and you’ll have a client for life. But leave them alone and they’ll forget who you are. 

The Pet Pack newsletter service provides the content and infrastructure for you to stay top of mind (and inbox) with your clients. 

Veterinary Email Newsletters

that make a difference

Choose from 3 Newsletter Types

Small Animal Newsletter

Australia’s most popular pet care newsletters. This newsletter is tailored to small pet owners and includes interesting articles, amusing anecdotes, and seasonal health advice.

Click here to see an example newsletter.

Large Animal Newsletter

If your practice primarily deals with large, stock, or working animals then this is the newsletter for you. This newsletter service helps to maintain the veterinarian’s role as the primary source of information regarding both companion animals and herd health matters on farms.

Flexible Newsletter

If your practice services a mixture of small and large animals you may want to try our flexible newsletter option. This option allows you to choose content from both newsletter types, and pay on a per article basis.

Click here to see an example newsletter.

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The hardest part of any newsletter is coming up with great content, the stuff that entertains, informs, or inspires your audience. Our team of veterinary content writers are practising veterinarians. Each month they produce a range of engaging articles that can be fully customised or removed as per your preference.


Get help when you need it from our amazing support team. We help you keep your subscriber list up to date, add personalised content, and generally keep your newsletter running smoothly.


Consistency is key for an effective email newsletter. We understand though that the demands of running a clinic often put client communciations somewhere near the bottom of the priority list. Our newsletter service helps you maintain consistent delivery with timely reminders and support.

Return on Investment

Few marketing investments can match the return on investment enjoyed by email marketing. Our analysis of past performance shows that a vet practice using the Pet Pack email newsletter service  with 500 emails, enjoys an ROI for every $1 spent of $11.50.


Whether you want the bare neccesities or more numbers than you can shake a stick at, our reporting options will keep you informed. We’re into transparency in a big way (how else will you know how good of a job we’re doing?) and don’t believe in sugar-coating the numbers. We focus on the reality of your online situation so that real progress can be made.

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