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Get an efficient and effective AdWords campaign designed specifically for the veterinary industry. We focus on achieving the goals most important to your practice through an on-going collaborative partnership and regular reviews.

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With Pet Pack you’re never left out in the cold, our team is on hand for solving problems or just having a chat about how your AdWords account is doing. If you need a quick update or want to discuss changes in your practice our team is ready to help.


The Pet Pack AdWords service starts with a frank conversation about the priorities for your practice. From this we establish an account focussed on achieving these goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Regular account reviews help to ensure your veterinary AdWords account stays up to date with your practice. A major aspect of this collaborative approach is helping improve your understanding of how AdWords functions, and where improvements can be made.


A lot goes into a high performing AdWords account and the influence of your online presence on overall performance cannot be overstated. Our service aligns the setup of your online presence with your AdWords account in order to achieve your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Pet Pack is as Australian as Vegemite Fairy Bread. We’re Australian owned, Australian based, and Australian operated. We’re big supporters of the “Fair Go”, and as such our team is 100% full-time employees with all the benefits and protections they deserve.


A well run AdWords account can have an incredibly potent and immediate impact on your practice. Once your account is running you can expect to see new clients getting in touch in a matter of hours. Few marketing investments can rival the rate of return of a professionally designed veterinary AdWords campaign.


Whether you want the bare neccesities or more numbers than you can shake a stick at, our reporting options will keep you informed. We’re into transparency in a big way (how else will you know how good of a job we’re doing?) and don’t believe in sugar-coating the numbers. We focus on the reality of your online situation so that real progress can be made.

Get an AdWords Account That Is . . .


Tailored To You

Every veterinary clinic is unique and this should be reflected in how your AdWords account is setup and managed. There is no ‘one-size’ solution that delivers the efficient results found in a tailored veterinary AdWords campaign.

Cost Effective

Our AdWord service is an extremely cost effective solution that ensures more of your marketing budget goes into your advertising, not management fees. We are able to work to a range of budgets making AdWords an accessible option for practices of all sizes.


AdWords is the perfect option for quickly improving your visibility online. In a matter of hours your practice will be be exposed to a large number of carefully targetted potential clients.


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As always your contact information is safe with us. We will never misuse, distribute, or sell your personal information.