Birds give people as much happiness as money


A study published in Science Daily which analysed life satisfaction in more than 26,000 adults from 26 European countries has shown that an increase in the number of bird species in peoples’ surroundings increased their life satisfaction. 

“Europeans are particularly satisfied with their lives if their immediate surroundings host a high species diversity. According to our findings, the happiest Europeans are those who can experience numerous different bird species in their daily life, or who live in near-natural surroundings that are home to many species,” said one of the researchers Joel Methorst, from Goethe University in Frankfurt. Read more

MSD Animal Health invests in VetDB


Perth-based veterinary technology start-up VetDB has been backed by MSD Animal Health, who have invested in VetDB’s third round of seed funding. VetDB uses RFID technology to lock medical information – such as vaccination records or pathology results, to an animal’s unique microchip.

“Being backed by a company like MSD Animal Health tells us that our new technology – which helps automate important processes like vaccination tracking, pathology testing and data storage – is the future of our industry. It’s a perfect alignment for us, as MSD Animal Health and VetDB are both dedicated to pioneering solutions to improve animal health in farm animals and pets,” said VetDB co-Founder and veterinarian Dr Steve Joslyn, as reported in Startup News. Read more