New fish vetting medicines book


If you’ve ever been confounded over what medication to treat a sick goldfish with, or have an interest in the medicine of fish and aquatic health, The Fish Vet Dr Richmond Loh has recently published the second edition of his highly useful book ‘Fish Vetting Medicines – Formulary of Fish Treatments’.

“This drug formulary is arguably the single most comprehensive resource on fish medicines presented in an easy format for veterinary clinicians dealing with fish ailments,” said Dr Loh who is a Certified Aquatic Veterinarian, a Fellow of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, and has gained memberships in the ANZCVS on Medicine and Management of Aquacultured Species, and in Veterinary Pathobiology. The book is available to purchase via his website. Read more

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021


As the world celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this week, the AVA has highlighted the important role that the women of the veterinary profession have contributed in inspiring other women to become veterinarians. “Our local veterinarian was sensitive to the needs of both our pets and family – she inspired me to develop my communication skills to serve as a public health educator,” said recently graduated veterinarian Dr Marlena Lopez who was named the AVA’s Veterinary Thought Leader of the Year in 2020.

South Australian AVA President Dr Alejandra Arbe-Montoya is completing a PhD into the workforce challenges and more distress within the veterinary profession. “Providing a safe space in the workplace for speaking up, reducing overwork, managing workloads, improving work-life balance and reducing financial stress for veterinarians could help us manage the load of emotional stressors related to veterinary clinical practice including moral distress,” said Dr Arbe-Montoya. Read more